Best Foods for Meal Prepping

An occasion meant for consuming food is known as a meal. A meal has a specific time. The main places where meals take place are cafeterias, restaurants, and homes. Meals can be divided into lunch, dinner, breakfast, and supper. The first meal in a day is known as the breakfast. Lunch is taken at midday. In the evening dinner is taken while the last meal is called supper. There is another special type of a meal known as the meal prep. A meal prep is a meal which is prepared to last for a number of days, for example, a week. You will not have dirty utensils when you are meal prepping. The following are the best foods for meal prep.

A boiled egg is the first recommendable food for meal prep. In spite of being nutritious, boiled eggs are low in calories. Other foods and avocados add more nutrition to the boiled eggs. There are many proteins in a boiled egg. One should add a boiled egg in his/her breakfast. One should avoid peeling the eggs in order for them to last for a whole week.

Brown rice is another recommended food for a meal prep. There are more vitamins and other types of nutrients in the brown rice. In case you would want to reduce weight, this food is best for you. Brown rice should be preserved in the fridge. In order for the brown rice to last longer, only the portion you require to consume should be reheated. A microwave reheats the brown rice more quickly.

The third food which is good for meal prep is the apples. An apple can last for about four weeks while stored in the refrigerator. In case you require to store them while sliced, you should keep them in a container with water in order to avoid oxidizing and browning. A damp towel or a plastic bag which is sealed should be used in storing the apples.

Banana is also a good food for meal prep. In order to preserve the bananas for longer, you should detach them from the bunch and cover their stem. The importance of wrapping the stem is to eliminate the spreading of the ripening agents. Peeling bananas, slicing them and freezing them will make them last longer.

Another good food for meal prep is pasta. The hot water should be drained off immediately after boiling the pasta. You should then add cold water and rinse the pasta. One should add hot water when reheating the pasta.

Grapes is another food recommended for meal prep. Grapes can last for a whole month. Before storing the grapes, the container should have a dry towel in the inside in order to absorb water and moisture.